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Novembre 24, 2022
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Pubertal Features into the Female from Qazvin Province, Iran

Puberty is a significant time passed between youth and you will adulthood. Many studies has reported that brand new suggest chronilogical age of breast development is actually decreasing. The goal of this study were to give up-to-date investigation into this new pubertal growth of girls and also to check precocious adolescence when you look at the all of our society.


This cross sectional study was conducted in 6 to 16 year old school girls during 2009-2010 in Qazvin. 2240 healthy girls from all geographical regions with every socioeconomic status were selected by a stratified multistage cluster design to obtain representative sample of population. A questionnaire including demographic data, anthropometric measurements, secondary sexual characteristics, menarche status and its onset was filled out for every participant. Secondary sexual characteristics including breast development (B1–5) and pubic hair (PH1–5) were evaluated according to Marshal and Tanner recommendation.


The mean±SD of height, weight, and BMI of participants was 139.7±14.5, 36.1±12.9 and 17.9±3.7 respectively. The mean age (10th – 90th percentile) of B2 and PH2 were 9.71(7.67–11.4) and 9.82 years (7.84–) respectively. Mean age of menstruation was years. The mean BMI was significantly higher in pubertal females comparing to prepubertal girls (P Keywords: Puberty Onset, Breast Development, Pubic Hair, Menstruation, Girls


Adolescence are a life threatening time taken between youngsters and adulthood that will be started centrally which have reactivation of your gonadotropin opening hormones (GnRH) pulse creator which in female leads to the fresh new arousal from estradiol design. Adolescence start is dependent upon the appearance of nipple buds inside female while the nipple cells ‘s the number 1 address to have estradiol. Menarche constantly occurs in center or late adolescence [1–3]. The fresh requirements to possess intimate readiness stages in people had been first described from the Marshall and you will Tanner inside 1969 .

Typical start of puberty may vary in almost any populations there is of a lot conditions including hereditary and you will environmental situations, geographic area and you may diet that will apply at this process [step 1, 5, 6].

Many studies possess stated that the fresh suggest age nipple innovation was decreasing [5–9]. Being obese also can determine the timing regarding pubertal initiation and hormonal trend .

Investigations of one’s start of intimate development required for real translation of the endocrine and progress updates during the kids. Federal data on these milestones can serve as set up a baseline having determining secular styles inside pubertal advancement; furthermore these study support the fresh new thinking of normative requirements getting adolescence. The purpose of this study were to give updated studies with the the pubertal growth of girls and glance at precocious adolescence inside all of our society.

Sufferers and methods

That it cross sectional data is actually held in the six to sixteen decades old elementary and you can secondary school girls last year to 2010 for the Qazvin – a local found 150 kilometer Southwest from Tehran having Mediterranean environment and spring rains.

This study is officially inserted since the enterprise No. 701 during the School of Medication, Qazvin School out of Medical Sciences. The analysis protocol is actually passed by lookup deputy, integrity committee regarding Qazvin College from Medical Sciences and you will Qazvin place of work away from training. Written informed agree is obtained from players as well as their moms and dads. In the event that a female didn’t come with tendency to participate in the analysis, was excluded. Including one chronic problems or medication that may connect with increases and you can puberty was subject to difference. Compliment updates was outlined based on records, health ideas and you may actual examination.

Full 2270 females one of all in all, 12226 female away from social and personal universities of the many geographic regions with each socioeconomic status have been chose by a good stratified multistage people framework to track down associate examples of society twelve of these didn’t come with tendency to take part; its features were not significantly different from someone else and you will 18 girls was in fact excluded because of underlain situation otherwise therapy.

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